Investing into piston accumulators as a part of your hydraulic system installation is not a question of how can we afford to, but rather how could we afford not to. Piston accumulators not only increase reliability, safety and the lifecycle of your hydraulic system, but they also help you achieve considerable savings through improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

One of the Piston accumulators’ unique features are the very little pressure loss through the seals even in extremely high pressure. Piston accumulator is connected to hydraulic system. When hydraulic pressure increases in the system, it compresses gas inside the piston accumulator. When the pressure drops, the compressed gas expands and forces the stored fluid back into the circuit.

The piston accumulator’s robust and rather simple design often makes it the superior choice over the other accumulator technologies. We are proud to provide highly competitive piston accumulator solutions not only to match, but also to exceed our customers’ needs.